Danzig’s First Record 1988

Rating 100%

hqdefaultOne of my favorite song writers is Glenn Danzig. He began his career with the Horror Punk band called the Misfits back in the mid to late 1970’s. By the mid 1980’s he had formed Samhain which eventually became known simply as Danzig. Many might not like his style of music or his personality, but his music has always reminded me of an evil Elvis or Jim Morrison. My favorite line up is his classic line up from albums I-IV that featured John Christ on Guitar, Eerie Von on Bass and Chuck Biscuits on drums.

I remember in 1988 as a teenager, I saw his album simply with a goat looking skull on the cover. I purchased the record and I was completely blown away by how well the tracks were. Coming from a punk band, the music was nothing like his previous work. This album is very dark, doomy and bluesy. Nothing like the Misfits or Samhain. But the lyrics except of the Hunter, are dark and in some cases very sex driven, She Rides and Possession are two songs that come to mind.

Twist of Cain was the opening track which set to the tone for the entire record. It was laid back, and bluesy. This track was followed by Not of this World which again was hard and bluesy. She Rides is the third track which has a raw sex driven tone and yet still retains that bluesy edge to it. Although, the song Mother was released on this album, it wasn’t until 1993, that the song Mother gained popularity. Not many fillers on this album what so ever.

Since 1988, Danzig has kept to his word when he said that he never wanted to release two albums that are alike. It was because of this album, and John Christ’s style of playing that I really wanted to play the guitar. I eventually learned how to play the entire album and to this day, this album is among my top 10 all time favorite records by any band. Although, Danzig is in his sixties, I still look forward to each of his records.

My favorite songs in order on this record, even though I enjoy them all:

  1. She Rides
  2. Twist of Cain
  3. Not of World
  4. Soul on Fire
  5. End of Time
  6. Possession
  7. The Hunter
  8. Am I demon
  9. Mother
  10. Evil Thing

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