Introduction Posting

1929711_10207200461028564_986122004357013265_n.jpgSome are very surprised when they meet me at a Civil War seminar that I spoke at and then when they friend me on Facebook to see that I am into all sorts of music. I often joke around with my wife that once people see the real me with regards to my love of music, they would unfriend me in a second. But, people are more surprised to learn that at one point in my life, I was in a garage band playing both electric guitar and or bass. Nowadays, I carry my Zune player with thousands of songs on it. The best was this past year when I showed up at an after hours meeting for work wearing a Megadeth shirt.

Growing up in my family during the 1980’s, Bluegrass, Country and Gospel were the music that my parents listened to. My brother on the other hand listened to Classic Rock, Heavy Metal and once in a while Blues. As I got more into music, I became more aware of Punk and Metal. My first Punk album was from friend of mine who took his LPs and recorded onto cassette The Exploited, D.O.A. and Violent Femmes. My first Hardcore Punk band was D.R.I. which was released actually in 1983, but in 1988, it was released on cassette. The songs were super fast and with structure.

At the time, I was getting more into Thrash Metal and Death Metal. I returned gave my buddy recording of Obituary’s “Slowly We Rot” and Megadeth’s Peace Sells. After that, both of us searched out more music along those lines. He with Punk and Hardcore and me with Metal.

1988 was a big year for me and music. That was when, Megadeth put out So Far, Metallica put out the Justice record, Manowar with Kings of Metal and Danzig with his debut of what turned into a solo career. Also, Anthrax released State of Euphoria. Slayer’s South of Heaven blew me away.

So, it was 1988 that I was exposed to all kinds of music from all kinds of genres. Fast forward to 2015, I still enjoy listing to all of those bands and learning about new ones. It is music that moves me forward on both good days and bad days. When I have writers block, it’s very helpful to set back in my chair and crank up the tunes and jam out in order to get the words flowing again.

My portion of this blog is meant to reintroduce the bands and songs that I grew up with or songs and bands that I learn about today to you, my friends.


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