Danzig’s Skeletons Covers Album

Rating 40%

DANZIG-Skeletons-LPWhen it comes to cover songs, some bands to a great job and some…well…not so much. Then you have groups releasing whole albums. Metallica’s Garage Days re-Revisited  back in 1987 wasn’t bad. Even their Garage Days, Inc. I thought was a great double CD.

Slayer’s Undisputed Attitude, I thought was refreshing. I like hearing Trash Metal bands covering Punk and Hardcore songs. It’s a way to pay homage to those who inspired them. Anthrax’s Anthems, well, let’s just say that I never listened to it after once of play time.

So, I bought the covers album by Danzig called Skeletons. I would have rather had an album with all new Danzig material, but this will do.The marketing strategy of releasing it on “Black Friday” coming from the man of the black side, was genius. The album is a little different and took me a few times to actually dig it. There are some good songs and then there are a few that left me scratching my head. All of which I will discuss.

The strong parts to the album:

Track one, Devil’s Angels written by Dave Allan & The Arrows is a strong song. It does have a Misfits feeling to it. Track three, Let yourself go as sung by Elvis, I thought was really good. I thought for a moment that if Elvis was still alive, it would have sounded much like him singing. Glenn has covered a song that Elvis sang before, called Trouble which was out of this world. Track six, Action Woman to me is a classic Danzig song. I also enjoyed Track eight, a girl like you.

The weakest part of the album:

The one song that I wished Glen would not have covered is N.I.B. by Black Sabbath. It’s not that I don’t like the song, but there are other songs by Black Sabbath that would have been more suitable. On Danzig 5, Glenn covered Hand of Doom which was out of this world. He managed to capture and adapt that song as if he originally wrote it. But N.I.B. is just not Glenn Danzig’s style.

Track Two, Satan (From Satan’s Sadists) I thought was another weak song. Track three, Lord of Thighs by Aerosmith is one song that I thought that I would never hear Glenn Danzig sing. It’s not a bad song and he did do a great job adopting it as it was his own, but I am not an Aerosmith fan, therefore I just can’t get into it.


Track seven, Rough boy by ZZ Top. It’s an OK song, but I could take it or leave it. Glenn did give some balls and made it much darker. And then you have the last two tracks on the album. Track nine, Find somebody and Track ten, Cryin in the rain.

Bottom line is, if you are looking for classic Danzig, you’ll find a little bit of it here. If your looking for dark and sexual themed lyrics, you have it as if it was a regular Danzig album. I give this album a 40% rating. It’s just not a Danzig album, period! I would have preferred an album with all new materiel since its been since 2012 since a new Danzig album was released.


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