Black Skies, On the Wings of Time

Rating 80%

askes.jpgI heard Black Skies for the first time on Serious Radio. The song was called “Technologicon.” The album was called On the Wings of Time. This track really turned me onto the band. Starting with a short introduction, the verse with Kevin Clark singing was followed by Michelle Temple on the song’s chorus. After two verses, the song changes direction almost like a bridge. Then you’ll hear Michelle’s bass work followed by Kevin’s gritty guitar work. There for a few minutes, Michelle steals the vocals, while pounding the bass. Then, the song changes direction as if it’s going to be an outro, but wait, there’s guitar solo work brings it around.

Musically, this is just another Sludge Metal band, with Stoner and a hint of Punk influences. The guitar work is nice. It’s mixed with some cool riffs and leads that are hooked upon the minor sound effects like the wha wha pedal. It’s great to hear a female voice on this record to give it some uniqueness. The drums are nice and tight. The sound production doesn’t contain to much background noise.

So who were Black Skies? Black Skies was a Sludge Metal trio from North Carolina, featuring vocalist and bass player Michelle Temple, vocalist guitarist Kevin Clark and drummer Timothy Herzog before their break up in 2013.  They released two EPs and two LPs during their short career.

This album has many good songs, with “Technologicon” being the best. Other songs that I liked off this album included “Rebirth,” “The Sleeping Profet,” and “The Other Side of the Mountain.”

Track listing:

1.Rebirth 05:12
2.Darkness & Disguise 04:58
3.The Other Side Of The Mountain 07:21
4.Technologicon 06:33
5.Valley Of The Kings 09:16
6.Weightless 02:54
7.Earth Choker 05:16
8.The Sleeping Prophet 09:33


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