Black Tusk, Pillars of Ash

Rating 80%

tusk.jpgI was happy to see that Black Tusk put out their new album this year. This is their first album since the death of bass player Jonathan Athon in 2014. Work on this album actually began before his death.  I have come admire this band since their release Set the Dial in 2011.

Structurally, this record still has the punk feeling as their previous records, while retaining their Stoner Metal and Sludge Metal influences. Production wise, it’s pretty sound. The record has that grittiness of the guitar and the bass, powered by  duel and sometimes trio vocal action. You can easily hear the closeness of the band members themselves, as the band sounds great. I am interested to see what the future holds for this band.

The record opens “God’s on Vacation” an all out balls to the wall maximum overdrive song. Other highlights are “Bleed on Your Knees,” “Still Not Well,” “Walk Among the Sky” and “Punkout.”

Track listing:

1.God’s On Vacation 02:48
2. Desolation Of Endless Times 02:24
3. Bleed On Your Knees 04:04
4. Born Of Strife 03:06
5. Damned In The Ground 02:59
6. Beyond The Divide 02:35
7. Black Tide 03:53
8. Still Not Well 03:28
9. Walk Among The Sky 04:10
10. Punkout 02:15
11. Leveling 02:52


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