Chuck Berry, Golden Decade 2 LP Vinyl Set

Rating: 100%

Chuckberrysgoldendecade.jpgOK, this record set is not new. But as a guitar in my younger days, Chuck Berry was one of my biggest influences. So, when I received a record player for Christmas, I quickly raided my record stash, only to find that my first pressing of Chuck Berry’s Hits was gone!!! Well, after searching the internet, I found a really good two LP set of his hits recorded on the Chess label that was released in 1972. So, if you’re looking a good record set of Chuck Berry music, I would highly recommend it.

This LP set has all of the hits, including Maybellene, Deep Feeling, Johnny B. Goode, Wee Wee Hours, Nadine, Browneyed handsome man, , Thirty Days, Havana Moon, No Particular Place to go, Memphis,Almost Grown, Too much monkey business, School Days, Roll over Beethoven, Oh Baby Doll, Reelin and Rockin, You Can’t catch me , Too pooped to Pop,Bye Bye Johnny, Round and Round, Sweet Little Sixteen, Rock and Roll Music, Anthony Boy, and Back in the USA. It’s a good collection of his hits, spanning his early career.

I always said it, the Blues may have given birth to Rock n’ Roll, but Chuck Berry will always be the grandfather of it. If it wasn’t for Chuck Berry, there wouldn’t be Heavy Metal, Hard Rock or Rock n’ Roll. You see his influence on the world today from AC/DC with Angus Young to Lemmy from Motorhead is easily picked out. Even Lemmy’s side project The Headcats, which Lemmy covered “Let it Rock.”

In several poles, Chuck Berry was voted in as Rolling Stone’s number 7 out of 100 most influential guitarists of all time.  He was voted number 8 of Gibson’s best guitarists.

Track listing:

“Deep Feeling”
“Johnny B. Goode”
“Wee Wee Hours”
“Brown-Eyed Handsome Man”
“Roll Over Beethoven”
“Thirty Days”
“Havana Moon”
“No Particular Place To Go”
“Almost Grown”
“School Days”
“Too Much Monkey Business”
“Oh, Baby Doll”
“Reelin’ and Rockin'”
“You Can’t Catch Me”
“Too Pooped to Pop”
“Bye Bye Johnny”
“‘Round and ‘Round”
“Sweet Little Sixteen”
“Rock and Roll Music”
“Anthony Boy”
“Back In the U.S.A.”


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