D.R.I. Dirty Rotten LP

Rating 100%

driIn 1988, I picked up the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles cassette and since then I have been hooked on D.R.I. Although, I must admit, I was blown away when they crossed over to Thrash. But, I have been a fan at any rate. But getting back to the 1988 LP. When I placed that tape into stereo, and heard the opening song “I Don’t Need Society” which started out heavy, but all of a sudden, the music shot out like a rocket. It was like being at a drag strip, when the drag car went 0 to 100 in a few seconds. I had never heard anything like that before.

22 songs in less than 17 minutes, made this record one of the fastest if not the fastest record to debut in the 1980’s. If it isn’t already one of the most influential albums of all time that bridges hardcore punk into the heavy metal world, then it should be.

Spike Cassidy’s guitar work may be fast, but there is structure to these songs. Songs feature intros that lead right into the verse as well as chorus, and some even had bridges. Some of which even contain a very short and fast lead. Kurt Brecht vocals are amazing. Lyrically, this record reflects a lot of politics of the U.S. during the Reagan years, leaning more toward the left along the lines of progressive liberalism. You hear that in “Capitalists Suck” and “Reaganomics.” There is also an antiwar side in many of the songs such as “War Crimes.” With regards to production, the sound of this album is solid and raw.

“I Don’t Need Society”

Your numbers up you have to go
The system say’s “I told you so”
Stocked in a train like a truckload of cattle
Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle
Thousands of us sent off to die
Never really knowing why
Fuck the system they can have me
I don’t need society
I don’t need society

I enjoyed this album so much that recently, I ordered it on limited release red vinyl.


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