God Dethroned, Under the Sign of the Iron Cross

Rating: 80%

god_dethroned-cross1-e1286824199812.jpg“Atrocious artillery fire; Creating a colossal wall of flame; Rattling machine guns; Spewing fire like mad machines” If Death Metal wasn’t tough enough, it just got brutal with the 2010 release “Under the Sign of the Iron Cross”, by Netherlands’ own God Dethroned. God Dethroned decided to put together a concept album that deals with the horrors of World War One. And let me tell you, this album delivers from the start to the finish.

Although, I am not a major fan of God Dethroned, I will say that this album peaked my interest when I heard of its release. Upon listening to it, the guitar work and the drums, I would compare to machine guns firing from start to finish, complete with a barrage of artillery, with the bass thundering like the sound of troops marching. Mix that with vocal work of Henri Sattler with his death snarls and growls and you have the western front in full action.

There are a few a songs on this record that really do stand out, but the one song that really stands out is “Under the Sign of the Iron Cross.” While it retains it’s death metal sound, there seems to be a melody in the music. Another song that sticks out is “Killing is Faceless.” This is in regards to the weaponry and mass murder that is produced and often, those opposing forces never see a face. “Storm of Steel” deals with the killing conducted by bullets flying through the air. Last but not least to me, “The Red Baron” I think pay tribute to the famous German flying ace of the Great War.

This record will diffidently bring the horrors of the Great War to the listener’s ears. Sometimes, Death Metal acts bring horror by writing lyrics that have evil themes or Satanism, but God Dethroned, decided to take another approach and bring the horror of war straight from the history book to the listener.

Track Listing:

1 The Declaration Of War
2 Storm Of Steel
3 Fire Storm
4 The Killing Is Faceless
5 Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross
6 Chaos Reigns At Dawn
7 Through Byzantine Hemispheres
8 The Red Baron
9 On Fields Of Death & Desolation


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