Megadeth Dystopia

Rating: 90%

dystopia.jpgI have been a fan of Megadeth ever since 1988.  The first album I purchased at that time was So Far..So Good..So What… and after that I was a huge fan. Ever since, I have kept up with Megadeth through thick and thin. One of the reasons I like Dave Mustaine is because lyrically, I respect his conservative point of views. “Hook in Mouth” comes to mind. But, I also like the style of Megadeth’s music. So, when I heard news of a new Megadeth album, I was pretty  excited.

With their 2016 release Dystopia, I must say I was blown away. You hear Dave Mustaine moving back toward his Thrash Metal influences, which is very different than the Super Collider album. This album, I feel is a must for any heavy metal fan and is among my top five favorite Megadeth albums of all time. What makes this album great? Well…it’s the addition of Chris Alder on drums and Kiko Loureiro on guitar. You mix those two with the founding members Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson and you have one kick ass band.

The album opens with “The Threat is Real” which reminds me of the Rust in Peace album. A very thrashy sound which also shows that Dave Mustaine isn’t laying off the politics of the government. The album ends with a cover from the punk rock band Fear’s “Foreign Policy”


  • The Threat is Real
  • Fatal Illusion
  • Post American World
  • Lying in State

This is a solid record from start to finish. Dave’s vocals are strong, the killer guitar work reminds me of classic Megadeth. From what I hear in this record, there isn’t many “just” filler songs. Other versions of this album have been released with bonus tracks.


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