The Original Pistols Live Vinyl

Rating 100%

R-1872110-1268408267.jpegI recently picked up a live Sex Pistols vinyl, recorded live in 1976, at Burton on Trent. The album was later released in 1985 by Receiver Records. It features Johnny Rotten on vocals, Steve Jones on guitars, Glen Matlock on bass and Paul Cook on drums.

The recording, for a live concert at the time is pretty decent, although, the music does fade in and out on certain points of the album. But, this small flaw really adds to the live performance. In fact according to the notes on the record by their formal sound engineer Dave Goodman, this was their third ever gig. The guitar work is very solid. Every time I hear this record, it makes me want to pick up my guitar and join in. The bass work along with the drums, are again just as solid as the guitar work. Johnny Rotten’s vocals are stronger than ever. When listening to the record, it seems as if the band is having a lot of fun playing.

The record begins with “Anarchy in the U.K.” which has been a major influence in heavy metal. Motley Crew and Megadeth come to mind as recording this song. But this recording does show the Sex Pistols at their peak and is full of raw energy that doesn’t stop until the closing of the record.

I have been a fan of the Sex Pistols ever since I first heard Never Mind the Bollocks album in the mid 1980’s. The Original Pistols Live has six of those songs from the Bollocks album. “Anarchy in the U.K.”, “No Feelings”,  “Liar”, “Problems”, “Pretty Vacant”, and “New York” in which this song is listed as “Dolls (New York).”

This record is all around enjoyable and is a blast from the past. If you’re into Punk music as it was meant to be heard, then I would suggest finding a copy of this album and picking it up.


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