Live Sky; Crack The Sky

Rating: 80%

Crack_The_Sky_-_Live_Sky.jpgCrack The Sky has been one of those bands that you should know, but then again, most people don’t know. They began in mid 1970’s as Prog Rock band, in which their sound is a cross between Steely Dan, Rush, Yes and Pink Floyd. They were a band that has opened for many major groups including ZZ Top and Boston, but never gained a large following. They were originally considered as a local band from Baltimore, Maryland where their fan base was lactated at. Although, they were originally from West Virginia near the boarder of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The music from Live Sky is a collection of their first three albums, which were the most important albums for Crack the Sky. Live Sky was released in 1978 and was recorded at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Agora Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio. The sound quality is very good. Some of the highlights on this record are “Maybe I Can Fool Everybody (Tonight)” and “She’s a Dancer.”

The band in 1978 consisted of:
• Rick Witkowski — Lead guitar
• Joe Macre — Bass guitar, harmonies
• Jim Griffiths — Lead guitar, harmonies
• Joey D’Amico — Drums, harmonies
• Vince DePaul — Keyboards
• Gary Lee Chappell — Lead vocals

The music is often heavy and jazzy, but retaining the compositional structure, instrumentation, harmony, rhythm, and lyrical content that most Progressive Rocks bands were  and are still known for. Lots of tempo and time changes within their music on this record which allows the listener to go on an adventure with the record itself.

Crack The Sky continues to put out records to this day and has had a huge turnover of musicians. However, their musical style hasn’t changed much with the exception of incorporating newer technology into the music. If you’re into classic Prog Rock of the 1970’s, I would heavily recommend adding this record to your collection.


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