Violent Pacification, D.R.I.

Rating: 100%

DRI-violent-pacification_1I recently picked up the Violent Pacification vinyl from D.R.I. that was originally released in 1984, but re-released in 2010. I got the clear vinyl record version. The packaging is really good too! It’s plain and simple that shows a soldier at war. D.R.I. was verbally against any type of war as most Punk bands during day were. Definitely, a blast from the past.

The sound quality is very good. It’s raw as any sound of a Punk band should be. Kurt’s vocals are strong, the musicianship of Spike on guitar, Josh on bass and Eric on drums is kick-ass. My favorite time period in D.R.I.’s career is 1983-1985. This was when D.R.I. was still considered as Punk rather than Thrash Metal.

This EP, has only four songs on it, but it’s four of the most important D.R.I. songs that were later released as part of the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles record that incorporate this EP and the Dirty Rotten EP.   This EP to me, shows that a hardcore punk band can play fast, with song structure and lyrical themes. It influenced bands like Slayer, who later redid the song “Violent Pacification” in their own style.

Side one:

  1. Violent Pacification

Side two:

  1. Running Around
  2. Couch Slouch
  3. To Open Closed Doors

Four simple songs, that still, has a huge influence on the heavy metal culture.


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