The Very Best Of; d.i.

Rating: 80%

R-1442694-1303686305.jpegOne of my favorite Punk bands is d.i. They were formed in 1981 by Casey Royer and Rikk Agnew. Since their formation, d.i. has  had a huge turnover of musicians, and they are still around. They did have an influence in Heavy Metal, as some of their songs have been covered by other bands including Slayer.

The Very Best Of, features a good collection of songs that span d.i.’s career from their first release in 1985 to 2002. The band went on hiatus during the mid 1990’s to reemerge in the early 2000’s. The Very Best Of was released in 2003 and has a collection of mostly studio work and some live material and a few cover songs. So, if you were looking for an average Punk band to get into, then this album may be a good source to wet your whistle.

The best song on this collection is a course “Richard Hung Himself.” This song should be a song that ALL teens listen to during a D.A.R.E. presentation at school. The anti-drug lyrics deals with the issue of heroine. As the title suggests, Richard, a user ended up paying the ultimate price for his final high. As Richard asked himself what do I do? Die! Richard, throws his life away by finally hanging himself. Now, he can not come out and play, because he is now dead. This song should be played in every auditorium.

Track listening:
1 What Is Life?
2 Paranoid’s Demise
3 Lexicon Devil
4 Buttons
5 Stick To Your Guns
6 Anthony The Psycho
7 Richard Hung Himself
8 Black Surf
9 Johnny’s Got A Problem
10 No Way
11 Guns
12 Pervert Nurse
13 Please Play This Song On The Radio
14 Say It Aint So
15 Shake A Leg

Lyrically, the songs do have some humor based around a very powerful music structure. Some of the songs like “Richard” are somewhat crude and to the point, “Pervert Nurse” is a good example.


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