Anthrax, For All Kings

“Hell is empty and all of the demons are here”

Rating: 90%

downloadI have always been a fan of Anthrax. Their music, while straight forward, has, at times some humor in it. It even has an Anti-Drug message to it. These guys, I feel are a band that people can look up to. I got into Anthrax when the I’m the Man EP was released. From there, I got every album until the later John Bush years when the band seemed to need a rediscovery as to who they were.

Anthrax has released their follow up to their 2011 release Worship Music featuring Joey Belladonna back on vocals. I was really excited to see that Anthrax was putting out a new album. Once I heard this new record, I thought to myself, it’s thrash as it was meant to be. Scott Ian’s guitar work reminds me of where Persistence of Time left off. Remember, John Bush took over on vocals shortly after that and the band took a different route musically. Just before during the Big 4 tour, Joey returned and their sound and style began shifting back to their roots. Joey doesn’t have the vocal range as he used to, but, he does sound great on this record. Production wise, one word, “Solid.”

The record opens with “You Gotta Believe” and is followed by “Monster at the End.” But, the thrash doesn’t end. It keeps going. The album is pure energy. One song that sticks out is “Blood Eagle Wings.” Which is a mixture of their classic style which also in some ways compliments, the John Bush years. Really, there is not one song on here that I dislike.


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