Ashes Against The Grain: Agalloch

Rating: 90%

Ashes_Against_the_Grain.jpgAgalloch is a Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal along the lines of border line Rock. This record, released in 2006 was the record that I started with. The music is slow, very melodic and yet, its soothing and almost perfect. Every beat, every strum of the strings and every key that is played, is played with perfection. Many of the tracks on this album are long coming in over the nine minute mark.

The first song “Limbs” starts in with the feedback of the guitar which is followed by the bass and drums. The vocalist comes in at the 5 minute mark. The vocals are creepy and yet, one can easily sing along, understanding every word. “Falling Snow” is my favorite on this record. The guitar again compliments the bass and drums. They are not drowning each other out. Again, the tempo and music is perfect and well defined. “Fire Above, Ice Below” starts out with the guitar, followed by drums that sounds as clear as crystal. The vocals are also clear as crystal.  “Not Unlike The Waves” follows the same trend. “Our Fortress Is Burning” is a three part song that has over 5 minutes of introduction that leads to part two. Part three is over 7 minutes of atmosphere which is why this rating didn’t hit 100%. But even that is part of the composer’s art.

Musically, this album is almost flawless. Would I recommend it? Hell Yeah! How would I compare this too? There isn’t a band out there that even comes close to the style of Agalloch.


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