Vên: Eluveitie

Rating: 70%

downloadEluveitie is a Folk Metal band from Switzerland that was formed in 2002. Vên, released in 2004, is Eluveitie’s first release. The EP contains six tracks, in which three are more or less instrumentals. I ordered this EP as well as the their first LP Spirit in 2006. Never of the band until those two cds came in the mail.

Upon listening to Vên, I was amazed at the musicianship. You had drums, bass, guitars as a heavy metal band should. But they also incorporate other instruments such as the hurdy gurdy, violin, bagpipes and others. Upon listening to the EP, I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to put on my leather and suit up for battle and grab my shield and sword or drink up several pints of Meade and get drunk. Although, many of the instruments are traditional, they do blend in very well with the heavy sound of Death Metal. The lyrics for the most part are all sang or spoken in English with some Gaulish language into it. But the language barrier doesn’t phase me at all. The music itself makes up for that.

With that being said, Eluveitie is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many, people have given this EP very bad reviews. Many also claim that the production of the EP is of poor quality. But, I enjoyed this EP, because of the potential that the band had and what the band could become.

So, if you’re looking for something different that seems to have traditional musical styles mixed with Death Metal, then I would recommend this EP, but do what I did, buy Spirit as well. The LP actually got way higher reviews. But Vên is still an important piece of the band’s history.

Track listing:

1. D’vêritû Agâge D’bitu 02:26
2. Uis Elveti 04:14
3. Ôrô 02:16 instrumental
4. Lament 04:10
5. Druid 06:37
6. Jêzaïg 04:46 instrumental


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