…and Justice for Y’All: Weedeater

Rating: 85%

tumblr_n0kyw5qTxG1sx7qeco1_500.pngWeedeater, to me, is what Sludge Metal is all about. Slow heavy riffs, with distorted sounding bass that drives the force mixed with the heavy drums of doom. The vocals, to me are as dirty as they get and they leave chills running up and down my spine. The driving force behind this band, is Dixie Dave Collins who is the lead vocalist and bass player.

Musically, although, sludgy, there are certain Doom and Stoner Metal elements to it. This is the driving force behind the heaviness of the music itself. There is also a certain southern influence that drives the songs. Each album seems to have some type of southern or country elements in it.

In their first debut record in 2001…and Justice for Y’All is no exception.  The music is heavy, hard and gritty. Structurally, the album has a very good sound to it that almost has a hint of blues mixed in. Production is good with a certain grit in the final recordings. The album features a collection of life struggles and drug use that rounds out the lyrical themes. Dixie Collins runs a tight ship here fully supported by the guitar work of Dave Shepherd and drummer Keith Kirkum. That’s right, all of this music comes from a trio.

The strong points on this record is “Monkey Junction” This song is about what Sludge Metal is. The cover of “Southern Cross” by CS & N is another one that simplifies what sludge metal is. So what is Sludge? Well, think of a melting pot with doom, hardcore punk mixed with country or southern rock. You add the sounds of heavily distorted guitars, changing tempos and screaming vocals and you have sludge.

This record sets the sound and tone for all upcoming records that would be released by the Weedeater. One of my favorite Sludge Metal bands. If you’re looking for something heavy, try some southern metal style sludge and kick back and pound a few beers. This album is for you!


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