Born This Way: Lady Gaga

Rating: 100%

Born_This_Way_album_cover.pngLady Gaga, what can you say. Many like her, and many do not. Talk radio with very religious right wing views have demonized her as stating she is the downfall of women. Which is why, I actually went out and purchased her second album “Born this Way” in 2011. I wanted to hear for myself, why this Pop icon was being nailed to the cross as Madonna was back in the 1980’s. Upon hearing this album, I was very surprised, how talented Lady Gaga was. Her voice, her song writing,  and the music is absolutely brilliant. The album features songs that are actually written by Lady Gaga, unlike many Pop artists who write a few songs and then pay other song writers to fill in the gaps.

Production on this album is excellent. Lyrical themes deal with love, religion, drinking and sex. The music is mixed very well with no to very little background noise. The vocal work, is absolutely crystal clear. Sound effects are not overwhelming in the music or on the vocal tracks. Many Pop artists often use techno and electro sounds to entice the listener, but many fall short as they use to much of that musical technique.  Here, there is a perfect balance of the modern Pop sound, mixed with elements of Rock n’ Roll and Heavy Metal.  The synthpop and dance-pop has a huge influence here rather than the techno sounds, as one might have heard on Lady Gaga’s previous records.

There is a lot of structure to the music. This helps to balance the record out with all of the influences that Lady Gaga pulls in. Would I recommend this record? Yes, I would. Why? Because it’s good.

Track listing:

Marry The Night 4:24
Born This Way 4:20
Government Hooker 4:14
Judas 4:09
Americano 4:06
Hair 5:08
Scheiße 3:45
Bloody Mary 4:04
Bad Kids 3:51
Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) 4:15
Heavy Metal Lover 4:12
Electric Chapel 4:12
Yoü And I 5:07
The Edge Of Glory 5:20


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