Bad Brains

Rating: 95%

Bad_Brains_debut.jpgWashington D.C.’s very own Bad Brains released their debut record in 1982. This self entitled record is everything that Punk should be and plus more. This African-American Punk band has a sound all of it’s own. They pull their influences from Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Pop, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. When you combine all of these elements, you get a wonderful blend of melodies, riffs and tempos that makes the music satisfying.

Upon hearing the Bad Brains back in the late 1980’s, I was blown away. It was hard, it was fast and yet, it contained some mellow pieces to some of the music. Today, when I hear the Bad Brains and their self entitled record, I am amazed how far ahead of it’s time that the album was. This band has a lot of talent. What drives that talent? Just four members who told it as they saw it. H. R. on vocals, Dr. Know of guitars, Darryl Jenifer on bass and Earl Hudson on drums.

It’s hard to compare the Bad Brains to another band, as they are unique.  The album itself, musically, is very well done. Bad Brains did a great job mixing the harder faster tempos with the much more mellow funk and reggae in between those songs. The flow of the album is great. The musicianship between the drums, guitars and the bass seem to compliment each other rather than drowning each other out. The music has a lot of structure to it, with lots of leads. The guitar work even has some heavy distorted fuzz in it. The riffs and tempos seem to change to make every song different, meaning there is not much filler here. H.R.’s vocals are amazing and it has a lot of heart and feeling.

Track listing:

Sailin’ On
Don’t Need It
The Regulator
Banned In D.C.
Jah Calling
Leaving Babylon
Fearless Vampire Killers
Big Takeover
Pay To Cum
Right Brigade
I Luv I Jah


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