Bleach: Nirvana

Rating: 90%

Nirvana-Bleach.jpgNirvana is one of those bands that you want to love or you would rather hate. For the Hair Metal movement, Nirvana would help to end the 1980’s movement and help to usher in something brand new. That’s right, the Grunge movement was beginning to take off and Nirvana’s debut record “Bleach” would be part of that movement.

I must admit, I liked this album when it was released in 1989. To me, it had the sound of punk, but yet, there was something different. It was refreshing when I first heard this record. The album featured a trio of musicians. Kurt Cobain on vocals and guitar, Krist Novoselic on bass and Chad Channing on drums.

The style of the music that was called Grunge was simple. The rhythm was simple, the leads were short. The sound was loose, and in some cases sloppy, but in several songs there was a structure that made the music flow and enjoyable. The song lyrics itself, dealt more about life, drugs and it felt real even though some songs were boarder line silly. It’s not fake and many of the songs have messages behind them. The production itself was clean.  Kurt Cobain’s vocal style was whinny and yet stern. His guitar style was distorted and not heavy. His leads were sloppy, but they worked. You can tell, he played from the heart. Bottom line, Bleach is an important record in Nirvana’s short career.

Track listing:

Floyd The Barber
About A Girl
Love Buzz
Paper Cuts
Negative Creep
Swap Meet
Mr. Moustache


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