Fate of Norns: Amon Amarth

Rating: 90%

B0002TY2HQ.01.LZZZZZZZIt’s time to put on your helmet, your leather armor and strap on your sword and grab your shield. Get to your long boat and set sail to a new adventure. Be ready to attack and conquer. “Fate of Norns” is the fifth record release in 2004 by the Melodic Death Metal band Amon Amarth. Although many view this record as Viking Metal.

When I first picked up this record, I was blown away. The songs had tradition and stories of viking warriors making a life in the north. The music had lots of melody and it was heavy. The leads were like lightning. There’s a lot of good riffs, blended with history. The vocals make you think of warriors and yet, you wanted to sing along.  Production is good, musicianship is good, some of the songs are filler, but several are good.

Several highlights on this record. But the one song that sticks out is “The Pursuit of Viking.” The opening verse says it all. “The warming sun returns again; And melts away the snow; The sea is freed from icy chains; Winter is letting go”.

Bottom line, it’s worth the journey that you’ll go on. Is it there best record, no, probably not. But you won’t disappointed if you get this record.

Track listing:

1. “An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm” 4:39
2. “Where Death Seems to Dwell” 4:58
3. “The Fate of Norns” 5:58
4. “The Pursuit of Vikings” 4:30
5. “Valkyries Ride” 4:57
6. “The Beheading of a King” 3:24
7. “Arson” 6:45
8. “Once Sealed in Blood” 4:50


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