St. Anger: Metallica

Rating: 25%

St_Anger_(album).jpgMetallica has been that one heavy metal band spiraling out of control and almost crashed. St. Anger to me what that album. Released in 2003, fell short and left me thinking “What in the hell was that?” The album, had no leads, the drums sounded like pots and pans reverberating in a toilet bowl.  After listening to it once, I was dumbfounded. Upon the second try, I was like “what?” Come on, I expected more than what I got. I was just disappointed and felt let down. I had to live through Load and Reload and now this. How low can it go before hitting rock bottom.

Song structure, yeah, it’s there, but the quality is sickening. I can’t get past the drums. What is with all that echo with Lars? The guitar work is shabby at best. Kirk Hammet must have taken vacation, because his leads are absent.

Bottom line, Metallica tried something different and it just didn’t work. Don’t waste your money on this one. Save it and buy plenty of beer and then download it. You’ll need the beer to help ease your pain after the journey is over.


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