The Sane Asylum: Blind Illusion

Rating: 90%

814TTyeHnVL._SL1425_.jpgBlind Illusion’s debut record was what Trash Metal was all about in the 1980’s. The Sane Asylum was released in 1988 and it’s damn near flawless. It also features one of the best bass guitarists of all time. Les Claypool! And yes, you can hear his musical style throughout the entire record. Which is why I gave this a higher rating. Rounding out on the other spots is lead vocalist and guitarist Mark Biedermann, Larry LaLonde on guitars and Mike Miner on drums. Interesting enough, Kirk Hammett of Metallica was the producer this record.

Production on this record is pretty good. Each musician is clearly heard and again, Les Claypool’s bass is clearly heard. The record itself comes in just under 40 minutes with eight tracks. Fast tempos, good riffs, lots of leads as Thrash Metal should be. “Death Noise” comes to mind as a song that showcases the musicianship and talents of all the musicians in the band.  “Smash the Crystal Skull” really showcases Les Claypool’s talents as his bass lines are similar to those of his later band Primus. Larry LaLonde would also later join Claypool in Primus.

Musically, it’s Trash Metal, but I do hear a sense of Jazz, a hint of Funk and a lot of Progressive Rock behind the music. Which is what makes the album so damn good. The vocals are growly, a bit strained which makes Biedermann unique.

There is a good collection of material on this album, although not to many people remember or have actually heard it lately. If you don’t own this record, then maybe you should preview it on YouTube as it is a rare record to get a hold of, but Amazon has a few copies of it.

Track listing:
1. The Sane Asylum 01:39
2. Blood Shower 03:50
3. Vengeance Is Mine 05:28
4. Death Noise 07:04
5. Kamakazi 05:04
6. Smash the Crystal 03:28
7. Vicious Visions 06:14
8. Metamorphosis of a Monster 06:38


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