Bad Dream No. 13: Eerie Von

Rating: 85%

Bad_Dream_No.13.jpgEerie Von is the former bass player for Samhain and Danzig. After leaving Danzig in 1995, he began his solo career. His solo work is something that one would love to hate or hate to love. Meaning, there is no in between, either you like it or you don’t. It’s not Heavy Metal or Punk, it’s Goth.

Released in 2004, Bad Dream No. 13 is Eerie’s third solo album. This album has a lot of potential, although, the sound quality has a bit of background noise. Which is why I gave it an 85% rating. But at the same time, I feel that this album is one of his best solo records and is very enjoyable to listen to.

With regards to the musicians, well…it’s just Eerie Von. He plays everything from guitar and bass to the drums and keyboards. He even wrote all of the lyrics and as simple as they are, he writes using a lot of metaphors. Eerie even produced the album. As a vocalist, he is pretty good and doesn’t need to hit any of those high notes to get his point across. There is an eeriness behind his vocal style.

There are a lot of good points to the entire album. Musically, there is a good structure to the songs and they are simple, complete with some leads thrown in as well as slides. The music flows really good. Each instrument has a fair share of being heard. Everything is well balanced. The music is dark and yet in other parts its very enlightening.

I really like this album. I think that Eerie Von is very talented and since he is on his own as a solo artists, I think, with each forthcoming album, his talents will really shine through.

Track listing:

“A Cage, is a Cage…” – 3.13
“The Bone Drone” – 5.51
“In the Shade” – 2.50
“Downontheslab” – 5.40
“2 Tears in the Bucket” – 4.10
“Prelude to Death” – 1.31
“Meet Death” – 6.09
“Bad Dream” – 4.39
“The Perfect Criminal” – 4.02
“The Velvet Shroud” – 5.41
“Sing, Sinner, Sing!” – 5.48
“Case Study #107/Rec. Room 3A” – 3.19
“Benediction #2” – 4.04


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