Bloodline: Tardy Brothers

Rating: 80%

233154.jpgAmerican Death Metal brothers John and Donald Tardy decided to take a break from Obituary and try something else. The end result was Tardy Brothers, Bloodline. Donald plays guitar, bass and drums on this record while his brother John growls his way through the record in classic Obituary style. The production isn’t perfect, the music structure is strong. Riffs and tempos are unlike any Obituary album. There are lots of leads in the songs, and there are plenty of melodies.

Bloodline, the results? I think that this album is an underrated Death Metal album, that many seemed to bash when it was released. The reasons? I think, many tried comparing this to the classic Obituary releases. This album deserves more than it just sucks. Just because there are other musical influences like the Blues and Hard Rock that the two brothers added, doesn’t make this a shitty record. So, it’s not a classic Death Metal record, who cares.  The music is just as good and the vocals are just as strong on this record as they are in Obituary.

Musically, the record is a bit more powerful and a bit more faster than Death Metal, to the point that I wouldn’t exactly call this Death Metal. It has a thrashy feel to it. Think of Death Metal in overdrive. Blending it all together are great riffs and plenty of good lead guitar parts. Vocally, the growls that John Hardy is known for actually works great with this style of record.

Several songs stick out, but the instrumental “Weird” is not Death Metal and is more of a hard rock song. It features an acoustic guitar and a kick ass guitar solo that leads into the song “Fate’s Call.”

With that being said, all of the songs are strong and they are just as good as any Obituary catalog. But again, don’t judge this as a normal Death Metal record and don’t try to compare it to Obituary. If you do, you’ll be like those who said this record sucks.

Track listing:

1 Bring You Down 3:52
2 Bloodline 4:50
3 I’m Alive 4:39
4 Deep Down 5:17
5 Wired 2:53
6 Fate’s Call 3:42
7 Eternal Lies 5:09
8 Scream Descendent 3:59
9 Fade Away 4:05


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