Don’t Hear It… Fear It!: Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell

Rating: 85%

AdmiralSirCloudesleyShovell-DontHearIt.jpgAdmiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell is a British trio consisting of vocalist and guitarist Johnny Gorilla, bass guitarist Louis Comfort-Wiggett and Bill Darlington on drums and percussion. These three men, have put together a hard hitting album that is all around enjoyable to listen to.

“Don’t Hear it… Fear It!” was released in 2012. Their single “Red Admiral Black Sunrise” was the song that Sirius Radio played which introduced me to the band. I must admit, I was surprised at a 1970’s revival that was sweeping across America by several European bands. The new updated sound as you hear on this record, is more or less an updated version of the classic rock bands like Cream, Buffalo, or the Masters Apprenticea.  Throw a little classic Black Sabbath into the mix and you have a well defined balanced record.

The music of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell is an example of cool riffs, supported by fuzz tones of the guitar, kick ass drumming and strong vocals. There are plenty of leads from the guitar which help to top off the album. The production itself, almost sounds like the 1970’s hard rock and early heavy metal scene. It just goes to show that what is old can still be cool. This album features funky rhythm sections, good solos and decent musicianship. There are no modern sound effects, just good old toe tapping music that kicks ass. The chorus lines, I will admit, do try to pull you in as if it’s trying to get to you sing along with it.

Track listing:  

1. Mark of the Beast 06:04
2. Devil’s Island 07:16
3. iDEATH 06:11
4. Killer Kane (Reprise) 00:49
5. Red Admiral Black Sunrise 07:05
6. Scratchin’ and Sniffin’ 04:59
7. The Last Run 04:11
8. Killer Kane 03:23
9. Bean Stew (Buffalo cover) 14:21


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