Flesh Caffeine: John Christ

Rating: 90%

152753.jpegIf there was ever any guitarist that I would ever want to meet, John Christ is among the top three I would give to have that opportunity. His jazz based style, and his passion for the music makes John Christ, in my opinion, one hell of a good guitarist.

John Christ aka John Knoll is one of my influences on the guitar. He is more or less a local living outside of Westminster, MD. After leaving Danzig, John Christ went into the recording studio and produced his only solo record, Flesh Caffeine. This record debuted in 1999, four years after the release of Danzig IV.

Flesh Caffeine is a good record with a lot of potential for John’s solo career. John wrote and produced the entire record. John plays all the instruments on the record with the exception of drums which that responsibility fell upon  Stefan Svensson. The album, production wise is very good.

The entire album to me sounds like it should have come out after the first Danzig record. So, if you’re into the first Danzig record, what John Christ has here, is comparable to that sound and style with a few hints of Danzig II mixed in.  John’s vocals are impressive. His song writing capabilities are good as well. Some are about life, and there are a few social issues here that he is raising awareness too. “Stop the World” is one of those songs that come to mind. It talks about guns, babies be born in the bathroom stall to be thrown away.

Musically, there’s an equal amount of hard rock and heavy metal mixed with other elements of different genres including Jazz and Blues. Some songs begin with an acoustical introduction, which has a jazzy and classical sound to it.  It all flows very well.  His style of guitar playing has been and always will be great and influential to many musicians to come. The leads and scales in which John Christ plays here are really good.

Although, I enjoy this record and there is not one single song I dislike, there are a few songs that stick out. The opening track, is classic John Christ style with a medium paced riff, with lots of licks in between the chords. “Tell Me Why” is more of a hard rock sound with a few metal parts in it. The guitar work is very good. “I Heard What You Said” is a fast paced harder rock style song with lots of turns and twists. It’s something that I would never expect from John. “Slow Down” again, sounds like classic John Christ, but with a more blues feel to it.

Track listing:

Flesh Caffeine – 4:50
Tell Me Why – 5:39
Stop The World – 5:32
I’m Gone – 5:11
Judgment Day – 5:58
Talkin’ Dirty – 4:26
I Heard What You Said – 2:48
Slow Down – 5:02
Shadows – 7:15
Cancer – 7:15


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