Tomorrowland Blues: Star & Dagger

Rating: 80%

StarandDagger-TomorrowlandBluesThe female trio Star & Dagger is made up as if they are a super group. It’s made up of former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult, vocalist Marci von Hesseling  and former Cycle Sluts from Hell guitarist Donna She Wolf. Now, there are two male performers that help to make up Star & Dagger’s Tomorrowland Blues record. Dustin Crops on drums, but left the band before the album’s release. He was soon replaced by Gene Trautmann. Dave Catching, guitarist of Eagles of Death Metal guitarist helps to round out the remaining position.

The album itself, is a very good effort. The sound and production work is pretty good. The songs are simple. The bluesy, hard rock and yes, heavy metal sound helps to give it personality. Musically, it has a strong structure and that is due to the Sean Yseult bass work, combined by Donna She Wolf guitar work. There’s plenty of leads, riffs, and licks on the fret board of the guitar.

Sean Yseult’s bass lines are very impressive on this record. She showcases her talent more so, than what she did in White Zombie. She can defiantly hold her ground. Donna She Wolf is a top notch guitarist. The way she shreds on those strings, she actually makes it seem easy. Her guitar work seems to come alive. Her sound, is very bluesy based tone. If she isn’t in the top 100 all time guitarists, then she shouldn’t be that far from making that list. Marci von Hesseling  vocals are very strong and solid. The high points f her vocal work is “In My Blood” and My Mama Was A Grifter.”

This record is a good effort and the step in the right direction. I hope to hear more from Star & Dagger as I do see a bright future ahead. I think all three women work well together and sound great. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this group.

Track listing:

1.  In My Blood
2.  End of Days
3.  Tomorrowland Blues
4.  Freak Train
5.  Selling My Things
6.  Sidewinding
7.  Before It’s a Crime
8.  Your Money
9.  Used to Me
10. Your Mama Was a Grifter

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