American Psycho: The Misfits

Rating 90%

Misfits_-_American_Psycho_cover.jpgIn 1997, the Misfits reformed without Glenn Danzig as their front man.  The rebirth of the Misfits (which I call Generation 2) features Doyle on guitars, Jerry Only on bass, Michale Graves on vocals and Dr. Chud on drums. I know, if it doesn’t have Glenn Danzig, then it’s not the Misfits. Well…then you would be right. However, generation 2 Misfits is a band that is just as good as the line up that had Glenn Danzig. But if you are not willing to separate the two, the old from the new group, then don’t talk about the album.

Musically, this album is as good as the classic line up. The production is better due to the technology of the times. The Misfits still write lyrics that deal with horror movies and horror related themes. Some of it is what I call “child friendly”, but that’s because the band members have matured and moved on since the early 1980’s. But let’s look at what this record has compared to the 1982 “Walk Among Us” There is plenty of fast paced riffs that the Misfits were known for. There is a good structure and that the songs aren’t what I would call recycled or repeaters. Plenty of eerie sounding guitar work that Doyle was known for. Michale Graves, I think is very talented on this record. His voice, is not like Danzig, but it’s just as good. “Dig Up Her Bones” is a testament to that.

With that being said, this is a good album and it is worth the time to give it a listen without being biased. I remember, when I was at work, and a friend told me that the Misfits were reforming under a new singer. I remember me saying that this project would completely suck. Well, it didn’t.

Track listing:

1. “Abominable Dr. Phibes” 1:41
2. “American Psycho” 2:06
3. “Speak of the Devil” 1:47
4. “Walk Among Us” 1:23
5. “The Hunger” 1:43
6. “From Hell They Came” 2:16
7. “Dig Up Her Bones” 3:01
8. “Blacklight” 1:27
9. “Resurrection” 1:29
10. “This Island Earth” 2:15
11. “Crimson Ghost” 2:01
12. “Day of the Dead” 1:49
13. “The Haunting” 1:25
14. “Mars Attacks” 2:28
15. “Hate the Living, Love the Dead” 1:36
16. “Shining” 2:59
17. “Don’t Open ‘Til Doomsday” 7:58 (There is also a hidden track which is why this song is so long.)


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