Initium: Samhain

Rating: 95%

Samhain_InitiumAfter leaving the Misfits, Glenn Danzig began a new band called Samhain. This band would move away from the Horror Punk sound to more of a Deathrock/heavier sound, more in a metal direction. Samhain will retain some of the punk sound early on and this will lead into the sound that Danzig would take with him when the band was renamed. I have always been a fan of Samhain and I love listening to them.

Initium was released in 1984 and is the debut record for Samhain. This record features Eerie Von on bass, Steve Zing on drums with the exception on the tracks “Archangel” and “Initium.” Lyle Preslar plays guitar on several tracks. Not only is Glenn Danzig the vocalist, but he to plays several instruments on this record.

Production wise, there is a good bit of background noise, but, don’t let that discourage you from enjoying the record. Glenn Danzig’s vocals are as strong on this record as they were when he was in the Misfits. He still is writing lyrics about horror as far as what could be real life, but, he is also writing about biblical themes. The lyrics are definitely darker than what he previous wrote about in the Misfits. The songs, although, are a bit gory or morbid, you do find yourself singing along with the chorus line.

Musically, this record is very good. The quality of the music is outstanding. You can tell that Glenn Danzig wanted to do something different, something darker and this record shows that. Structurally, the band is very solid. I enjoyed every aspect of this record.  “Horror Biz” is the only song on this record that Glenn brought over from his Misfits days.

Track listing:

“Initium” / “Samhain” *
“Black Dream”
“All Murder All Guts All Fun”
“Horror Biz”
“The Shift”
“The Howl”


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