Red, White and Blood: Generation Kill

Rating: 80%

thCAHGEABYGeneration Kill is American Trash Metal band with much Punk influence. The band formed in 2008 by former ex-Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes and former M.O.D. and Pro-Pain bass guitarist Rob Moschetti. They would be joined by guitarists Jason Trenczer and Louie Lehman. Filling in the drum spot is Sam Inzerra.

In 2011, the Crossover/Thrash Metal band Generation Kill released their debut “Red, White and Blood.” When I first heard this record, I liked it. It was brutal, fast, heavy and hardcore from start to finish. Although, I like this type of music and I like this album, there’s nothing outstanding on his record that hasn’t been done before with those Crossover bands. But, this album does possess a more updated sound than those bands of the 1980’s.

Production wise, the record is very solid. Music wise, it’s good. The guitar work, bass lines and drums do work well with one another. The music is also aggressive, and it does contain a certain degree of the Punk sound. There are some softer parts to the record, but I think the change up in the tempo of the music is a good thing, as it allows the Punk influence to be more prevalent. It also allows the listener a chance to take in a small quick breather.

With regards to the vocals, Rob Dukes’ punches through the vocals with lyrics based upon anti-establishment, anti-government and war. There are areas on this album where the lyrics are a tad bit teenagerish, but, at the same time, the lyrical themes are fun. Rob Dukes’ vocals I can say, are loud and strong on all of the tracks, but “Hate” as well as “Red, White and Blood” do stand out that showcases his brutal hardcore style.

Overall, the album is solid. It’s got al of the major components of a crossover hardcore punk to thrash metal. But at the same time, there is nothing new on this album that another band hasn’t done before. It just sounds better than most of the other crossover bands. With that being said, the album is good and it shows in the musicianship of the band. I do like the punk influences one can hear, I really enjoy the thrash metal, the harsh vocals that make up this record. Bottom line, this album does kick ass.


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