Pass That Bottle: The Devil’s Daughters AZ Rockabilly

Rating: 100%


The Devil’s Doughters. Courtesy of Lanark Records.

The Devil’s Daughters is a female vocalists duet consisting of Mysti Moon & Lisa Dahl. Their band for their 2014 debut album consisted of Danny B. Harvey, who played the guitars, piano, and bass and on drums is Tommy Leanza. I have previewed their music and it’s just as good as traditional Rockabilly music.

The song “Pass that Bottle” isn’t on the record, but, this is the song that I want to rate and discuss. This almost three minute song is amazing and to me, says everything that is great about the band. The guitar work, riffs, leads, and fills scream traditional Rickabilly.  The stand up bass and the scales being used adds a very strong sound to the song and compliments the song structure itself. It’s the backbone of the song itself.  The drums are the same way. The drum work is simple and creates a toe tapping experience.

The vocals of Mysti Moon and Lisa Dahl are amazing and very powerful. The harmony between the two women is very good and you’ll find yourself singing along while tapping your toe or lighting tapping your hand on your thigh. This is why I gave the song the highest rating. The duet parts just work well. The lyrics to their songs deal with topics that relate to people, whether it’s about drinking to love.

Watch the video and judge for yourself or visit their website through Lanark Records.


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