Universe: Dead Brain Cells

Rating: 80%

dbcpicIn 1989, DBC released their second record Universe. The album quality has much improved since their debut in 1987. The sound is cleaner and clearer. Not as much background noise. Overall enjoyable and was a great effort.

The music structure on this record is much tighter. It still retains the aggressiveness, thrashy and speedy riffs. The lead scales are much improved as well as the rhythm. Those weird off beats are still present, but they seem to flow much better on this record. The music itself, has a lot of tempo changes. The style itself, is basically the same as their first record. But, I still feel that prog rock influence in certain parts of the music. It all goes back to the timing of tempo.

The vocals however, have changed. There are more spoken parts to the songs with more help from the band as background vocals. The main vocals are much more clearer. The lyrical themes seem to do more with science, creation and similar subjects.

The album is all around enjoyable. It’s a bit better than their debut, but this was the last LP that the band produced aside from an EP. I was hoping to get more from the band in the 1990’s, but it never came. Which was kind of a let down for me. I think DBC was onto something here, but, we’ll never officially know. They still tour and perform, but nothing of new material has surfaced.

Track listing:

The Genesis Explosion
Exit the Giants
Rise of Man
Humanity’s Child
Phobos & Deimos
Infinite Universe


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