Beyond the Lightless Sky: Hull

Rating: 70%

header.jpegBrooklyn’s own Hull is a Sludge Metal band with lots of post-hardcore elements to it. The band is made up of S. B. Dunn on bass, J. Stieber on drums, guitarists N. Palmirotto & C. Laietta and A. Mack lead vocals and also guitars. “Beyond the Lightless Sky” was released in 2011. The title track is what actually introduced me to this band.

The music itself, has plenty of sludge and post-hardcore elements. A lot of decent leads and solos.  The bass lines are very strong throughout the entire album. That is one of the highlights on this album. The bass never stops thundering. The guitar work is heavy, deep, crunchy, and in some areas very mellow, more so in the instrumental songs.  The drumming is hard and heavy and does have some of the black metal influence in it. The harsh vocal work mixed with the hardcore punk influenced vocals work well with the record.

Structurally, it has much going on. The tempo is really weird and is always changing. Fast and heavy tempos, keyed down sounds which gives the music itself a very choppy sound. The introduction song “Earth from Water” is a good example. But on the other hand, there are good acoustical parts on this album where the tempos are slower, but yet, retains the heaviness. The second track “Just a Trace of Early Dawn” is a great example of the acoustical work. In some areas, the music is long and drawn out. In a few areas, the music structure seems to go in several directions, almost as if the band trying to fit many different things one song.

Good effort by Hull on this album. Many highlights on this record and yet, a few less than perfect areas. Rather than crank this up on your stereo, try listening to it on a set of good quality headphones. The album sounds much much better.

Track listing:

1. Earth from Water 11:18
2. Just a Trace of Early Dawn 05:04
3. Beyond the Lightless Sky 06:52
4. Curling Winds 02:38
5. Fire Vein 09:42
6. Wake the Heavens, Reveal the Sun 02:44
7. False Priest 08:45
8. A Light That Shone from Aside the Sea 03:14
9. In Death, Truth 06:41


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