V: Hävitetty: Moonsorrow

Rating 90%

IHavitettyn 2005, Moonsorrow, a Finnish Folk Metal band released their fifth LP, “V: Hävitetty.” With their fifth album, there are only two songs, combined come in just under an hour of music. Think of this album as an epic journey through the north land of Scandinavia. Yes, before you ask, this album is not in English, but, don’t let that stop you. This is a good album and one of my favorites in the folk metal genre.

Production is outstanding. Song structure is amazing with the flow of upbeat, heavy and aggressive tempos. The musicianship here has put together an album that sounds good with plenty of guitar riffs, solos and heavy bass and drum lines. The The vocals are at the best and are more of a black metal influence.

Track one,  “Jäästä syntynyt / Varjojen virta” is a song that is 30:10 in length. It begins with the sounds of the cracking wood of what appears to be a boat or fire. The guitar comes in soft, followed by a second guitar giving off some soft feed back, mixed with background sounds of the keyboard. Followed by drums and bass and a light guitar solo. Then comes the choirs. From that point, the music just kicks fucking ass. Enough said! The tempos and melodies constantly change every few minutes with the effects of electric and acoustic guitars. The chorus and main lines are amazing. Again lots of tempo changes.

This track alone deserves an 100% rating and is the track that makes this album. I remember when I first bought this album and heard it for the time, I was totally blown away by just this one song. For a 30 minute song, there’s a lot of action going on here. In my opinion, this song makes Moonsorrow what it is and is what makes this band so great.

Track two  “Tuleen ajettu maa” begins with a more mid evil folk influence. It’s soft with acoustic guitars, drum lines, electric guitar solos and a mouth harp.  Like the first song, lots of tempo changes. Structurally, it’s a very solid song with lots of black metal elements to it, some choirs, and it retains folk metal influence. There’s a lot of European folk elements to this song. The melody is aggressive and yet epic. This is the classic Moonsorrow sound that we all know.

Bottom line, this album is great. It’s damn near flawless. Even though its spoken in a different language, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this album. I promise you, you will be headbanging to it in no time.


Ville Sorvali Bass, Vocals (lead), Vocals (backing), Fretless Bass, Vocals (choirs)
Henri Sorvali Guitars, Vocals (clean), Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Choirs, Guitars (acoustic), Accordion, Mouth Harp
Mitja Harvilahti Guitars, Vocals (backing), Vocals (choirs)
Markus Eurén Keyboards, Vocals (choirs)
Marko Tarvonen Drums, Percussion, Vocals (backing), Guitars (acoustic) 12-string, Mandolin, Vocals (choirs)


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