Climbin’ The Walls: Wrathchild America

Rating: 85%

R-3098005-1315648299.jpeg.jpgWrathchild was at one point the ride of heavy metal music in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been into these guys since the release of “Climbin’ the Walls” in 1989. As far as I was concerned, this record was trash metal at it’s best. This record was the start of many good things to come from the band. Even though they were forced to change their name to Wrathchild America and then again to Souls to Zero. This band featured the distinct vocalist and bass guitarist Brad Divens, drummer Shannon Larkin and rounding out the two guitar spots was Terry Carter and Jay Abbene.

On this debut record, you have a series of thrash metal songs that are structurally sound. Good catchy riffs, nice solos, great vocal and bass work and awesome drumming. There are some good upbeat tempos and nice melodies. Production wise, the record sounds good, with some noticeable background noise.

Lyrically, the songs have humor, they deal with society, death and or drugs. Highlights on this record are “No Deposit, No Return”, “London After Midnight”, “Candy from a Madman”, and “Silent Darkness.” The Pink Floyd cover of “Time” is really good.

Track listing:

1. Climbin’ the Walls 04:26
2. Hell’s Gates 04:05
3. No Deposit, No Return 03:20
4. Hernia 03:15 instrumental
5. London After Midnight 05:54
6. Candy from a Madman 05:37
7. Silent Darkness (Smothered Life) 04:30
8. Time (Pink Floyd cover) 05:40
9. Day of the Thunder 06:33


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