Hall of the Mountain King: Savatage

Rating: 85%

thCAUT9NMTReleased in 1987, Savatage’s “Hall of the Mountain King” was the album that introduced me to the band. Savatage is very talented band that features brothers Jon Oliva on vocals, piano and keyboards and Criss Oliva on guitars. Johnny Lee Middleton , the bass player is joined by Steve Wacholz on drums. “Hall of the Mountain King” is the band’s way of returning to Power Metal after the more Glam Metal approach from their previous two releases “Fight for the Rock” and “Power for the Night.”

“Hall of the Mountain King” is a record that is darker and heavier, comparable to the sound of their first LP and EP. The drop “D” tuning gives the music a harder punch, making the guitar sound more deeper allowing the harmony to be more noticeable in the song structure.

Musically, there are elements of a Classical music influence. You hear that in the song “Prelude to Madness.” The song structure is amazing, with some background noise that is noticeable. Good arrangements of content, tempos and they are equally balanced. There are plenty of good leads, great musicianship. Vocally, Jon’s raspy and powerful yells and screams are remarkable. Not only is Jon a great vocalists, but, he is alos a great composer and song writer.

This is album is a great record and an important record to Power Metal. This also marks a closure for the band as in 1990, they will become more of a concept writing records as operas which will be the demise of the band as Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) will take over the band’s indent.

Highlights on this record:

24 Hours Ago

Strange Wings

Prelude to Madness

Hall of the Mountain King

Track listing:

  1. 24 Hrs. Ago 04:56
  2. Beyond the Doors of the Dark 05:09
  3. Legions 04:51
  4. Strange Wings 03:46
  5. Prelude to Madness 03:14
  6. Hall of the Mountain King 05:33
  7. The Price You Pay 03:52
  8. White Witch 03:22
  9. Last Dawn 01:07
  10. Devastation 03:38

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