Nobody Said It Was Easy: The Four Horsemen

Rating: 95%

MI0002295629In 1991, the Four Horsemen released their first LP “Nobody Said It Was Easy.” Musically, this record contains the same riffs as on the 1989 EP.  But, this record is southern fried, giving the music a very raunchy Southern Rock bluesy feel. The vocals are covered with a whiskey drenched and gritty style in which only Frankie Starr can give which makes this record superb. Lots of vocal harmony on this LP versus the EP.

This record has lots of great tempo, supported by an all out barrage of guitar leads and slides. Although, the rhythm guitars repeat the same basic riffs throughout the entire album, it’s done in manner that is all around enjoyable to listen to. The bass lines are very well down. The drumming is good. Even the Hammond organ is a nice touch. The song structure is based more along the blues and ass kicking rock n’ roll. The production under Rick Rubin and def American records is excellent.

Although, the music is nothing that hasn’t been covered by bands like AC/DC, what the album has to offer is good old fashion hard rock with attitude. It’s all around enjoyable and the musicianship quality is good. You can tell these guys like what they do and the have fun bringing their music to their fans.

Track listing:

Nobody Said It Was Easy 4:13
Rockin’ Is Ma’ Business 4:37
Tired Wings 5:35
Can’t Stop Rockin’ 2:18
Wanted Man 3:28
Let It Rock 5:13
Hot Head 3:31
Moonshine 3:41
Homesick Blues 2:32
75 Again 2:29
Lookin’ For Trouble 2:29
I Need A Thrill/Somethin’ Good 8:08


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