The Four Horsemen, The EP

Rating 85%

R-1833536-1246528636.jpegIn 1989, the Four Horsemen released their self-titled debut EP. Four songs coming in under 15 minutes. Who’s the Four Horsemen you might ask? Some considered them Southern Rock, others just considered them as the best damn rock n’ roll band. This band would sadly self destruct due to drugs and accidents. In 1989, the Four Horsemen consisted of Ben Pape on bass, Dave Lizmi on guitars, Frank C. Starr on vocals, Ken Montgomery on drums, and Stephen Harris on guitars. The final product was a hard rockin’ band that was heavily influenced by AC/DC rather than the Glam Metal of Poison or Motley Crue. This band although never got national attention, did grab the attention of members of Metallica, James Hetfield  in particular. He would wear the band’s t-shirt on stage.

I was introduced to the Four Horsemen in 1991 after the release of “Nobody Said It Was Easy.” A few weeks later, I came across this EP. Upon hearing their music for the first time, I loved it. In fact, when I used to play guitar, I played several of their songs. It was like Southern Rock on pure octane. Lot’s of toe tapping going on. It’s one of those records that you can jam out to or crank it up in your vehicle. You’ll even find yourself singing along with it.

Musically, they had a style all of their own, borrowing much of their riffs from the blues. The music had a lot of tempo, upbeat rhythms, great riffs, and awesome leads. Structurally, this four song EP is great. It’s a good mixture of material. Lyrically, this album deals with love, sex and social issues. Frankie’s voice is good. Production is decent.

Track Listing:

Welfare Boogie
Highschool Rock N’ Roller
Hard Lovin’ Man


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