Tonight’s the Night: Neil Young

Rating: 100%

Neil_Young_TTN_cover.jpg“Tonight’s the Night” by Neil Young is his sixth record and it was released in 1975. Among the all time best records of all time. This record is also very influential and to me is one of Neil Young’s best pieces of art.  For a Neil Young record, the music is very dark as he was suffering from depression due to the deaths of Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten and  friend Bruce Berry.

Musically, this record is emotionally a mess. It’s raw! It’s very sloppy. It’s depressing and yet, it’s moving, touching, and very emotional. The musicianship is very good. The music is very mellow and bluesy. There is some folk elements in this record, such as “New Mama.” Although, some background noise is clearly heard, it actually adds quality of the record.

Neil’s vocals seemed strained. The style of his vocals, guitar, harmonica and piano work seems as if he’s burned out. There’s a lot of creativity, but, it’s almost as if Neil Young is trying to keep from crash landing or falling completely from the cliff. One thing is for sure, this record is real. This emotional struggles that Neil Young was going through, influenced him during the recording sessions which gives the record a sound unlike anything that has been released to date. That is what makes this record so great. It’s as real as real can get.

Neil Young made something good here. Although, I believe that this is a record that Neil Young would like to forget he ever made, this record shows how brilliant that man really is as a song writer, a singer and a musician. He pulled off something off that nobody else could ever dream of.

Track listing:

1. “Tonight’s the Night” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 4:39
2. “Speakin’ Out” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 4:56
3. “World on a String” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 2:27
4. “Borrowed Tune” 3:26
5. “Come on Baby Let’s Go Downtown” (live from the 1970 tour with Crazy Horse) Neil Young, Danny Whitten 3:35
6. “Mellow My Mind” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 3:07
7. “Roll Another Number” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 3:02
8. “Albuquerque” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 4:02
9. “New Mama” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 2:11
10. “Lookout Joe” (with The Stray Gators) 3:57
12. “Tired Eyes” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 4:38
13. “Tonight’s the Night” (with the Santa Monica Flyers) 4:52


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