Amusing the Amazing: Slo Burn

Rating: 90%

Amusing_the_Amazing.jpgIf you like the band Kyuss, then Slo Burn is a continuation of that band, for the most part. Slo Burn was a California Stoner Rock/Metal band formed in 1996. Slo Burn featured ex-Kyuss member John Garcia on vocals, Chris Hale on guitar, Damon Garrison on bass guitar and Brady Houghton on drums. In 1996, Slo Burn released their first demo. In 1997, the “Amusing the Amazing” EP was released. Later the demo sessions and the EP were released together on several of the unofficial “Amusing the Amazing” reissues. You can tell the difference in the sound quality when listening to the the reissue.

The music structure is very raw, gritty and with very little to no treble toned down guitar sound and in some portions, the sound is flattened. This record has a good collection of tempos and grooves throughout the EP. Lots of leads and fills and some weird guitar rhythm sections.  The album is very bass heavy and some pretty good drum work. John Garcia vocals are raw, somewhat whinny and can be a bit drawn out in spots. But this is what makes his vocal style sound pretty good and unique.


1. The Prizefighter
2. Muezli
3. Pilot the Dune
4. July


1. Wheel Fall
2. Positiva
3. Cactus Jumper
4. Round Trip
5. Snake Hips


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