Gettin’ Pretty Good at Barely Gettin’ By: The Four Horsemen

Rating: 93%

s-l500.jpg“Gettin’ Pretty Good at Barely Gettin’ By” is the second full length record by the bad boys of Hollywood, the Four Horsemen. After the tragic death of drummer Ken “Dimwit” Montgomery and personnel changes, this is for the most part, the last record of the Four Horsemen with their original singer Frank. Starr. He would later die of injuries suffered before this record’s release. Vocalist Frank Starr and guitarist Dave Lizmi are the two remaining members of the band on this record. They are joined in the studios by bassist Pharoah and drummer Randy Cooke, although some sources state that Montgomery’s brother Chuck Biscuits finished out the recording.

This record is much harder and yet musically different than the previous records. The structure is good and the tempos are good. Rather, than reusing the same blues riffs, the song compositions are more upbeat with a mixture of more power chords and harmonizing chorus parts in the music. The amazing leads, fill-ins and slides are present in the guitar work. I think the guitar work on this record is better. The drumming and bass styles are completely different as the two newer members have brought some newer musician influences into the band. Frankie’s vocals are strained, but, still retain that whiskey drowning style. The vocals have good harmonies on the slower songs. Lyrically, the songs deal with drinking, death and the absent of old friends who have passed on.

Production is good. Song structures are strong. Mixing is clear with hardly any noticeable background noise. This record is really good. Musically, I think it’s the Four Horsemen’s best record. The style changes, the musical changes and vocal style gave me something to look forward to and that was another record. Although, those records came, I gave up on the band when they disbanded in 1996, and finally ending the band in 1999 when Frank Star passed away.

Track Listing:

1 Still Alive And Well
2 Gettin’ Pretty Good Al Barely Gettin’ By
3 Drunk Again
4 Livin’ These Blues
5 Song For Abstent Friends
6 Keep Your Life
7 Hot Rod
8 Rock My Universe
9 Back In Business Again
10 Hit The Road
11 Keep On Keepin’ On
12 My Song
13 What The Hell Went Wrong


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