The Last Sucker: Ministry

Rating: 85%

The_Last_sucker-coverSo…this was to be the last album by Ministry? Well…it wasn’t. They came back in 2012. “The Last Sucker” released in 2007 featured Al Jourgensen on vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica, drum programming, and programming. Tommy Victor on guitars, bass, and vocals, Paul Vincent Raven on bass, guitars, vocals, Sinhue Quirin on guitars, bass, and John Bechdel on keyboards. You can hear Tommy Victor’s signature sound throughout this record. For those who do not know about Tommy Victor, he is the front man in the band Prong and the guitarist for Danzig.

This album was influenced by a string of events during the George W. Bush presidential years in the White House. Not too many people liked George W. after he was elected. We went through much including two wars. “The Last Sucker” is the final album in the anti-Bush trilogy. The first was 2004’s “Houses of the Molé” and 2006’s “Rio Grande Blood.”

The music itself is very heavy, with some trash, speed, doom and death metal elements. “Die in a Crash” is so heavily punk influenced, and features vocals by Fear Factory’s Burton Bell. Even the cover “Roadhouse Blues” performed originally by the Doors is like a barrage of double drums that don’t quit. It mixes well with the techno sound. It has lots fast tempos, mixed with weird sound effects. It has a good mix of drumming, guitar and bass lines. The leads are nice and so are the fillers. The album is very powerful with regards to the lyrics as they protest the actions of the W. Bush White House. The vocal work has a good collection of gently spoken verses to all out lead vocal attack that has a lot of passion. When you hear his vocal work, and read the lyrics, you’re like, yep, he sure does hate Bush.

This album is a very good record. Although, I am not into the Industrial Metal sound, it was enjoyable. Production is good with a nice mix of sounds and musicianship. I do like the softer style choirs in the “End of Days, Pt. 2” with a speech written by Dwight D. Eisenhower that is heard at the last few minutes of the song.

Track listing:

1. “Let’s Go” 4:53
2. “Watch Yourself” 5:29
3. “Life Is Good”  4:15
4. “The Dick Song” 5:50
5. “The Last Sucker” J 5:59
6. “No Glory” 3:42
7. “Death & Destruction”  3:31
8. “Roadhouse Blues” 4:26
9. “Die in a Crash” 4:03
10. “End of Days (Part 1)” 3:22
11. “End of Days (Part 2)” 10:25


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