Svölk ‘Em All: Svölk

Rating: 75%

R-3492662-1332554824.jpegNorway’s own Svölk is a heavy metal band with some stoner influences. Their second album “Svölk ‘Em All” released in 2011 is what turned me on to the band, particularly the song “52”. When I heard that song, I thought it sounded like Southern Rock on steroids. It begins with a nice down south banjo piece, then the full barrage of heavy guitars comes in along with the heavy bass work and good drumming. The lead vocal work, is absolutely good. This song has a good quality sound to it, good tempo and good leads.

The song “This Is It” is my least favorite, there is too much going on with it. The guitar lines, vocal work and the drums that seem to drown each other out. The bridge has a good riff to it, but the full barrage, of the verses and chorus fall short.

The rest of the album is good, with a few above average songs. There’s a lot of really cool riffs. I do like the 70’s hard rock sound to it that you can pick up throughout the album. It also has a good amount of ass kicking southern rock to it. These guys really do know how to blend the American music styles of hard rock, stoner rock and southern rock to make their own sound.  The leads are very impressive and the musicianship is really good. Musically it’s strong. The vocal work is good. Structurally, it’s sound. The album, does have a bit of noise to it. It could have been mixed better, which is why I gave it a 75% rating. I am looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

Track Listing:
1 52 5:26
2 This Is It 4:23
3 Anchor 5:07
4 Sweet Agony 3:29
5 Miss Alcohol 6:19
6 12 Times The Pain 3:28
7 End Of Days 4:44
8 Inferno 5:52
9 Dead 00:30 3:26
10 Time For The Dying 5:36
11 Warm Within 5:05
12 Overload 7:02


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