Wide Open: Kahvas Jute

Rating: 80%

118.jpgIn 1971, “Wide Open” by the Australian band Kahvas Jute was released. The band was made up of  Dennis Wilson on vocals and guitar and Tim Gaze on guitar, Bob Daisley on bass and Dannie Davidson on drums. Although, this was their first and only record, this album does provide the listener to a unique sound that leans toward the blues, prog with a touch of heavy metal. There’s a good bit of Psychedelic influences.

Vocally, is almost like listening to Cream, mixed with very early demo versions of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Musically, the album is good. It has a good flow to it. Song structures are tight. Melody and harmony are strong throughout the entire record. Good collection of faster and mid-paced tempos. The drumming is exceptional throughout the entire record. Bob Daisley, who you may recognize was the bassist for Ozzy, is very talented on this record. The guitar work of both Gaze and Wilson is very good. Their leads and rhythms work so well in and out of the music.

Highlights on this record include “Free” and the more upbeat tempo of “Odyssey.” “She’s So Hard to Shake” is anther song that is more upbeat and the bass lines are absolutely brilliant. The song “Ascend” is another song where it’s medium paced tempo and acoustical work, works well, with a blues like influence and a touch of country music. “Parade of Fools” is an all out jam that is hard, heavy and upbeat. The guitar work is like a barrage hitting you all at once. The bass chords are just as good.

This band had a lot going for them. It’s a shame that there’s only one album to commemorate what these guys did for hard rock and heavy metal.

Track listing:

Free 5:12
Odyssey 4:01
Up There 2:50
She’s So Hard To Shake 4:19
Vikings 4:32
Steps Of Time 3:20
23 4:32
Ascend 3:10
Parade Of Fools 9:06


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