Slowly We Rot: Obituary

Rating: 90%

Slowly_We_Rot.jpgIn 1989, one of the most influential American death metal albums was released, “Slowly We Rot.” I remember when I first heard this record. Never mind the cover and track songs. I just remember hearing the music and then the growls which blew me away. If this was hell, then, this is what hell would play as far as heavy metal. That’s what I thought and so did my friends. Florida, in the early to mid 1980’s was death metal’s underground scene. I always had an eye on the underground, since the radio stations during the time were playing the glam metal and love ballads on the air. But once I heard this album, I’ve been an Obituary fan ever since. Obituary was made of up of vocalist John Tardy and his brother Donald Tardy on drums, lead guitarist Allen West, guitarist Trevor Peres and bass guitarist Daniel Tucker.

Musically, Obituary is very talented as they combine slower tempos and heavier riffs to the upbeat traditional tempo of death metal. This combined with the toned down, heavily distorted guitars, and add John Tardy’s growls then you have a classic heavy metal record for all time. Structurally, the songs are a work genius. The slower, heavier riffs give way to a more faster tempo, followed by the shriek and screams of the lead guitar and double bass drums makes this album flow so nicely.  The record is raw, crunchy, and bone chilling. It’s dirty, it’s evil and yet production of the album sounds good, all the instruments are clearly heard. The lyrics deal with things that we just may want to forget. Just look at the track listing. The titles are sickening.

Highlights on this album. The opening track “Internal Bleeding” begins with a generated introduction of evil noises, then the drums, bass and the guitars along with John Hardy’s bone chilling growl. “Slowly We Rot” is another good song. The structure is very tight with the heavily distorted guitar playing a slow tempo, followed by John Tardy’s deep vocals. The screaming of lead guitar comes in. Then the tempo picks up for the main chorus and verses. “Stinkupuss” is another song that uses the slower guitar riffs in the opening, but then it’s balls to the wall. The lead work is amazing.

Track listing:

1. “Internal Bleeding” 3:01
2. “Godly Beings” 1:55
3. “‘Til Death” 3:56
4. “Slowly We Rot” 3:36
5. “Immortal Visions” 2:25
6. “Gates to Hell” 2:49
7. “Words of Evil” 1:55
8. “Suffocation” 2:35
9. “Intoxicated” 4:40
10. “Deadly Intentions” 2:09
11. “Bloodsoaked” 3:11
12. “Stinkupuss” 2:59


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