Ur jordens djup: Finntroll

Rating: 95%

Finntroll-Ur_Jordens_Djiup.jpgIn 2007, Finntroll released “Ur jordens djup.” This record begins with a instrumental piece begins with some noise in the woods. Almost as if someone or something is getting ready to attack from the darkness. Then it becomes epic almost as if a Barbarian awaits for what’s coming. Then this heavily, orchestra based sound with some background chants, fades in. Once it goes into the second track, all hell break loose and remains loose until the very end of the record which is a hidden folk influenced track.

This record is a bit darker in lyrical themes. As with all or most of Finntroll’s lyrics, are based more upon an epic saga. You have good vs. evil, paganism vs. Christianity.  Myths, legends and tradition. The lyrics were written by formal frontman Jan “Katla” Jämsen, who was forced to quit the band due to health issues. He was replaced by Tapio Wilska, who was later fired by the band, prior to this release. The band itself sounds good. Many good guitar riffs and drumming. It has good vocal work by the new vocalist Mathias Lillmåns.

Musically, this is heavy metal polka at it’s best. It’s a bit more blacker than previous records. The song structure itself features a lot of epic work. Harmonizing guitar riffs, mixed with keyboards, and traditional style instruments such as banjo, mouth harp and fantastic drumming and bass work. The tempos are fast, large and heavy with a fewer slower tempos here and there. This album includes the classic style of death metal which can be heard in the tempo of the drums and guitar riffs. The bridge of “Korpens saga” is a good example of the death metal sound. The chorus of each song has a good a melody to it. All of the additional sounds of instruments are blended well with the main heavy metal structure of the music.

Track listing:

1. “Gryning” (“Dawn”) 03:33
2. “Sång” (“Song”) 04:40
3. “Korpens saga” (“The Raven’s Saga”) 03:26
4. “Nedgång” (“Downfall”) 03:44
5. “Ur djupet” (“Out of the Deep”) 04:59
6. “Slagbröder” (“Battle-brothers”) 04:31
7. “En mäktig här” (“A Mighty Horde”) 04:19
8. “Ormhäxan” (“The Serpent Witch”) 04:39
9. “Maktens spira” (“Scepter of Power”) 03:28
10. “Under två runor” (“Beneath Two Runes”) 05:36
11. “Kvällning/Trollvisan” (“Dusk/The Troll Song”) 13:01


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