A Collection of his Greatest Hits: Hank Williams

Rating: 90%

hanksrThere’s no sound in that sounds as good as the popping of a record on a record player. This is true when listening to old Blues, old Country and old Rock N’ Roll. But when you have Hank Williams playing on the record player, you’re hearing the music as it should be heard. And that is what you have when you’re playing “A Collection of his Greatest Hits” by Hank Williams Sr.

I picked up this record for 0.25 cents and enjoyed it very much. The raw emotion in his music and lyrics makes Hank Sr. a major influence on all music in general. I agree with Hank Williams Jr. when he sang, “If you Don’t Like Hank Williams, You Can Kiss My Ass.”

Hank Williams has a truly unique vocal style. It haunts you, it’s emotional and yet, it’s uplifting. The way he sings, it’s country, it’s blues and yet it’s folk. I love how he moans and carries his range. His guitar style is so simple. As a song writer, he was talented. He wrote from raw emotion, and yes, some of the lyrics are very dark. You can fell his pain when he sings. The steel guitar is amazing in his music. Hank Sr. did more for Country music and yet, he’s not a member of Grand Ole Opry to this day. I agree with Hank3 when he wrote the song, “The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand)” in honor of his grandfather.

There is nothing special here on this record as most of the Greatest Hits albums out there feature the same songs, but for a vinyl, this was a unique find. All of the songs are of high quality and sound good. So, if you like, old Country music, go out and find yourself some old Hank Williams. You won’t be disappointed.


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