I’m the Man: Anthrax

Rating: 85%

AnthraxI'mTheMan.jpgThe year was 1987. This was the year that Rap Metal was born. Anthrax who wanted build that bridge between the worlds of rap and metal, decided to do an EP, doing just that. The end result was an EP that was fun with lots of humor and more importantly, bridging the that gap.

Well, they did it and “I’m the Man” was born, although the song had been  rumored to be around for a few years prior. The song was like taking classic Thrash Metal and throwing the Beastie Boys into the mix and that is where Rap Metal was formed. But, Anthrax took it to the mainstream and it caught on.

This EP has three versions of the “I’m the Man” song on it. One is the radio edit, the other is unedited and then you have a live version. Musically, the EP works. Structurally, the EP is sound. Production wise, it’s not bad. There’s a good bit of humor in the lyrics. On the song itself, Joey Belladonna is the lead vocals and drums. The guitar work of Dan Spitz and Scott Ian is good. They managed to rap along very well in the song too on vocals. Charlie Benante drumming is solid as is his backing  and lead vocals on “I’m the Man”. Frank Bello’s vocal work is good and his bass lines are clearly heard. This song has snip its of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”, the introduction of “Fight for Your Right to Party”, Beastie Boys and “Shut up” by Run DMC.

Anthrax covered “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” which is performed in classic Thrash Metal style. For a cover song, Anthrax pretty much hit the ball out of the park. The EP ends with two live songs, “Caught in a Mosh”  and “I Am the Law”. Both of these sound fairly good for being a live version. All and all, Anthrax would influence many younger musicians that would enter the world of Rap Metal and Nu Metal.


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