Take As Needed for the Pain: Eyehategod

Rating: 90%

Eyehategod_-_Take_as_Needed_for_Pain.jpg“Take As Needed For The Pain” is the second release by the New Orleans band, Eyehategod. This is one of my favorite albums by Eyehategod which was released in 1993. This album features Mike Williams on vocals, Jimmy Bower and Brian Patton on guitars, Mark Schultz on bass and Joey LaCraze on drums. This album is a very important piece of Sludge Metal history and is still a very influential album in Heavy Metal. Although, the album never produced any hits, it serves as a stepping stone for rise of the South in popular music culture. Eyehategod is considered as one of the godfathers of this music genre.

Musically, this album is very heavy and intense. The music is doomy, with lots of feedback guitars. The bass is heavy as well as the drums. This album has a faster tempo than most of their albums, but you can still hear the doom influences of Black Sabbath and the southern rock influences as well as some hardcore punk. Other people have described this record as being “Whiskey Soaked and drugged” which I must agree. If you’re looking for harmony and melody, there isn’t really any.

This album features some excellent heavy guitar work and plenty of doom and southern metal riffs. There is some noise such as feedback that you hear, but its all part of the musical style. The bass is extremely heavy and is an important piece of the band. The tempos switch off from within the song structure itself. You have the faster tempos which are followed by slow tempo choruses and bridges. But the slower tempos of the music is very heavy and traditional with regards of the doom metal genre. Long drawn out songs with feature that classic doom metal style while some of the slower songs are more up beat. Take both versions of “Sisterfucker.” Part one is very heavy and has a faster tempo, but part two is slower and very heavy. The bass is centered around the guitars and drums. If your a fan of the bass guitar, then you wont be disappointed. Mike Williams’ harsh and screaming vocals are strong. Lyrically, the album centers around drugs and crime.

This is a really good record. The production is very good with some noise in the final product. This album features some great musicianship. If you’re a fan of the sludge metal genre, then this is a good album that you should go out and get.

Track listing:

1. “Blank” 7:10
2. “Sisterfucker (Part I)” 2:13
3. “Shoplift” 3:17
4. “White Nigger” 3:56
5. “30$ Bag” 2:51
6. “Disturbance” 7:01
7. “Take as Needed for Pain” 6:09
8. “Sisterfucker (Part II)” 2:39
9. “Crimes Against Skin” 6:49
10. “Kill Your Boss” 4:16
11. “Who Gave Her the Roses” 2:00
12. “Laugh It Off” 1:33


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